• Window 8 Significant changes for users

    As the years get by Microsoft keep updating and improving its features so as the users can enjoy more new and better features. In the last yeat it released its newest personal computer operating system known as Windows that came right after Windows 7. USB 3.0, near field communications as well as Advanced Format and cloud computing are some of the emerging technologies that were considered when creating Windows 8 as it offers support for this. Today the operating system competes with its competitors such as iOS and Adroid which are mobile operating systems.

    The starts screen of Windows 8 brings you the display of dynamically updated content and programs on a grid of tiles, it also has a windows store. Users of this operating system are able to sync apps and settings between devices and they are able to purchase new softwares and also download. To prevent malware from intefering with the boot process some security measures were introduced such as the service and support for UEFI Secure Boot on the supporterd devices with UEFI firmware. On the operating system you can also find an in-built antivirus software.
    The introduction of the latest personal computer operating system by Microsoft has not been without its fare of challenges as many users have complained that it is very hard to learn and its sort of confuses the users. However, it has been very well received as it improves the users experience and comfort. Download windows 8 and get comfortable while using your computer.

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