• Microsoft introducing Surface book

    The original desktop PC’s keep breaking down and the maintenance is a bit too expensive. You do not buy a device or any other things so that you can keep repairing you need a device that will last as long as you need. One of the best ways to deal with this is to purchase a Tablet PC which is becoming very popular due to its portability. Microsoft does not have to get out of business for such a reason and it is therefore, considering long term measures so as to maintain the market. One of the long term options and projects that Microsoft is considering is the introduction of a surface book. This surface book has a touch screen as well as a bigger resolution and makes it possible for you to watch movies and also has a larger display.download
    The surface book will be competing with its major competitors which are laptops and notebooks. Laptops have become very popular but with the introduction of the surface book many people are going to purchase them. Windows 8 is one of the most well received operating systems by Microsoft although it has not been without critics. The ease that comes with using Windows 8 is one of a kind and it’s so amazing. On the screen the Windows 8 operating system displays tiles and the weather forecast, pictures and emails among many other things are updated automatically. You do not have to do the updates yourself and this makes it more convenient.

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