• Many Are Calling for Action on President Obama’s Executive Order

    Many Are Calling for Action on President Obama’s Executive Order

    Archbishop Thomas Wenski of Miami joined the immigrant advocates calling on President Barack Obama to take action on immigration.

    Last spring, Obama promised an executive order on immigration to the stalemate in Congress. He turned away from a self-imposed deadline for the crisis of unaccompanied migrant and again before the midterm elections. Now, immigrants and allied groups say it’s time to act. Labor rights groups and immigrant be with Wenski outside the historic Freedom Tower in Miami on Thursday morning.

    There will be similar events in Tampa and Orlando. Their efforts echo call a national immigration organizations in Washington that also acts prepared for Thursday. Advocates for immigrants say the president has nothing to lose by giving a path to legalization for millions of people living in the US without legal permission. Obama reaffirms to act on immigration. The determination of President Barack Obama to act on their own to change the immigration system on Wednesday placed a barrier to post-election commitment of the president and Republican leaders of trying to find common ground under the new political alignment.

    Obama defiantly upheld his promise to issue decrees to reduce deportations, grant work permits and improve border security by year-end despite the resounding electoral victories of Republicans strongly opposed to his plans. But the next majority leader in the Senate next year, Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, said that such a decision would be like “waving a red flag to a bull.” On a day when the two sides tried to present the new political situation as a new era of potential agreements, the immigration issue was highlighted not only as an obstacle to bipartisanship, but also as a sign that the election played hard and heavy Democratic losses have not quieted the partisan bickering.

    “I have no doubt there will be some upset or frustrated by any executive action I can take against Republicans,” Obama told a news conference. “These are people, I have to say, they are also deeply opposed to immigration reform, in any form, and prevented the House of Representatives approved a bipartisan bill.”

    Obama delivered his executive actions as a way to encourage Republicans to pass its own reform immigration laws. “The best way, if you are serious about reform to immigration, is pass a bill and send it to my office. Then the executive steps I take away,” he said.

    Republicans, led by McConnell promised seize their new majorities to stop the president.

    “I do not do that, because I think it poisons the well of opportunities to address a national issue of great importance,” McConnell said in Louisville, Kentucky, while celebrating his personal victory to be reelected to the Senate and the fact that Republicans They took control of that chamber.

    Some on the right have said that executive action on immigration could even be the basis for impeaching Obama. Several Republicans said the president would hinder much partisan cooperation on other issues if acting on its own immigration.

    “Him moving ahead like that, I think he’s completely tone deaf to what happened last night,” said Rep. Phil Roe, R-Tenn.,” said Representative Phil Roe, R-Tenn.

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