• George Bush supports his brother Jeb seek US presidency in 2016

    George Bush supports his brother Jeb seek US presidency in 2016

    Former United States President George W. Bush is enthusiastic about his brother Jeb is the Republican candidate in the elections against former First Lady Hillary Clinton, who appears as the Democratic candidate for 2016.In an interview with Reuters as part of the presentation of the new book he has written about his father, former president George H.W. Bush, Bush said he is trying to convince his brother Jeb for the family to have three presidents.
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    Jeb Bush, who at the age of sixty-one years olds, is considering entering the race for the GOP presidential nomination aiming for the 2016 election. Bush, who was governor of Florida twice, said he will decide on whether or not he will run for United States president later this year.

    “He has the experience necessary to be president. He knows what it means to be a leader. You can appeal to different constituencies in an attractive way,” Bush told Reuters.”He has a vision,” he said, adding that if Jeb decides to run, he will work hard to get to the White House,” the former president concluded.

    Any concerns that Americans may have about another president named Bush will be appeased by the presence of Hillary Clinton in the race for president and her husband, Bill Clinton, served as president for two terms, he said. “Some people say that there is no way to vote for someone with that name,” Bush said. “Of course, if Hillary Clinton races then I think the name issue will dissipate and elect people who can be a leader. But neither of them said anything and I really do not know if Jeb will be presented as a candidate.”

    Hillary Clinton, who lost the race for the Democratic nomination in 2008 and was Secretary of State for Barack Obama between 2009 and 2013, would be the candidate of his party if he returns to make an attempt to reach the White House.

    Clinton said he will announce his decision in early 2015. The former president recently wrote “41 – A Portrait of My Father” as a tribute to his father, 90 years old and is in a wheelchair.

    With a possible, Clinton/Bush 2016 race, it brings back nostalgia of the 1992 President Election. Some can even say Bush/Gore 2000 would compare since Al Gore was President Clinton’s Vice President. It would be easy to say this possible 2016 election matchup would have a very high voter turnout due to the popularity of each American presidency family that is represented.

    Some would say Jeb Bush’s presidency run would be ill-fated due to the immense popularity of his brother’s previous presidency. But as they say in America, people learn to forgive and forget especially over the last two years. Whether or not, Jeb Bush decides to run for presidency, he will have a huge backing from traditional Republicans and Independent voters who have been swayed away from conversation American Tea Party politics and ultra-liberal agendas. If anything, it will be one of the more popular elections in recent history.

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