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Microsoft introducing Surface book

The original desktop PC’s keep breaking down and the maintenance is a bit too expensive. You do not buy a device or any other things so that you can keep repairing you need a device that will last as long as you need. One of the best ways to deal with this is to purchase

Advantages of using windows 8 as a computing device

Having been introduced in the recent past tablets has become the most convenient computing device in the market the reason is because of its features. One thing is the fact that they are very light in weight therefore portable and since it has a touch screen its simple to have full control of the screen

Window 8 Significant changes for users

As the years get by Microsoft keep updating and improving its features so as the users can enjoy more new and better features. In the last yeat it released its newest personal computer operating system known as Windows that came right after Windows 7. USB 3.0, near field communications as well as Advanced Format and