• Advantages of using windows 8 as a computing device

    Having been introduced in the recent past tablets has become the most convenient computing device in the market the reason is because of its features. One thing is the fact that they are very light in weight therefore portable and since it has a touch screen its simple to have full control of the screen and this has really affected Microsoft as a company since business people prefer to Tablets due to its portability. There are many features that these computing devices have and they have won the hearts of many.

    These features include: checking emails from wherever you are and at any time, social media connectivity such as Facebook and Twitter among others, music and movie downloads which are done free of charge and also for business use. You can also send drawings and handwritten notes. If you like drawing as a hobby you can share what you have drawn as well as the notes that you have written from a meeting with your colleagues at work or friends. With its kickstand it’s appropriate to put it on a flat surface to help in supporting it up instead of holding it with your hands especially when making business presentations which is a bit tiresome and this makes it an awesome development in the industry. Therefore, if you make many presentations or you want to access your business emails from wherever you are and at any other time then this is the computing device that you should own.

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